Customer Intelligence

Gain insights into your market with a range of analytical and reporting tools

Only 34% of customers for UK general insurance rate their customer experience highly, signalling that there is ample room for improvement. Map the customer journey relative to point of entry and elevate customer service by improving interactions, resolutions, and outcomes at the primary point of contact.

We believe the neither humans, nor computers, are singularly the solution. By working collaboratively with academic partners, we combine their insights into behavioural psychology and linguistics, with an understanding of the business processes, to propose innovative solutions to industry challenges.


Reduce Insurance Fraud

Protect your customers, enjoy peace of mind.

Insurance fraud represents a complex and multidimensional problem that is driven by a range of attitudes and motivations. Reducing this figure is a serious challenge but can be achieved through a combination of prevention and deterrence.

DEGAS emcompasses a hybrid system to take advantage of both human intuitions with the efficiencies of computers, utilising both automated analytical techniques with insights into behavioural psychology, and natural language programming. Flag and track suspicious behaviour and empower your agents with reporting in real-time.



Flexible and extensible in order to grow with the business

We aim to develop systems that meet customer expectations, are scalable for growth, have the flexibility to respond to change, meet a wide variety of challenges, and allow for creativity within product innovation. Possessing an architecture that is flexible enough to scale with the business is imperative when planning for a growth phase.

The solutions that have been identified are designed with ease of adoption in mind, while also possessing the scalability and extensibility to seamlessly grow in tandem with the business. These solutions are also modular for compatibility with the underlying IT infrastructure.


Features and Benefits


Indentify trends and patterns with your customers to develop innovative new practices and products


Improve agent performance to allow them to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Work with a range of academics to bridge research, development, design, and application.


Robust infrastuctural foundations give a platform from which your business can grow from.


Analyse multiple streams of communication to uncover trends, and pinpoint issues.


Operate in confidence with a unified and converged approach to compliance, and business continuity.

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